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Welcome to Café version 2.9

We've added support for randomized initial URLs, enhanced speech event logging, and made performance enhancements to default recognition settings. Let us know what you think - drop us an email at

Full details about this new release are available from the Cafe Newsgroups.

What is Nuance Café?
The Nuance Café is the VoiceXML development environment of choice among the industry's most experienced and discerning developers. As a free, Web-based development environment, the Café features a wealth of valuable tools, documentation and other resources, all with the objective of helping developers to build the highest quality voice-enabled applications in the shortest period of time. Tens of thousands of developers from over 30 countries representing a variety of organizations have chosen the Café to build compelling, production quality VoiceXML applications.

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Rapid Development of Voice Applications
Once built, applications can be easily deployed to production and hosted on Nuance's proven, carrier-grade VoiceXML Hosting Network.

Customers can depend on the Nuance Hosting Network to run their VoiceXML applications in the most reliable, secure, high-performance manner available today. Furthermore, with thousands of ports of carrier-grade capacity, the Nuance Hosting Network can scale to meet almost any call volume need. Today, the Nuance Hosting Network hosts millions of calls for a number of leading companies.

For new customers, our Café Hosting Plan can be leveraged to deploy enterprise level applications and manage significant call volumes through carrier-grade service level agreements, guaranteed capacity and unmatched support.
Café Version 2.9
19 January, 2007
•  Randomized Initial URLs
•  Enhancements to Default Recognition Settings
•  Enhanced Speech Event Logging
•  Many bug fixes.
•  and more
•  Getting Started with Café guides you through developing VoiceXML applications with Café.
•  VoiceXML Tutorial moves quickly through VoiceXML basics.
•  Using the Nuance Café Tools introduces the tools available for VoiceXML application development.
•  VoiceXML Samples provides sample code for many VoiceXML features and Nuance extensions.
16 March 2004 -- The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has published VoiceXML 2.0 as a W3C Recommendation.

This significant milestone is the culmination of input from the public and from W3C Voice Browser Working Group member companies like Nuance. Our input includes your input — Nuance thanks you, our VoiceXML developers, for providing feedback on our VoiceXML 2.0 implementation.

Please check out the W3C VoiceXML 2.0 Recommendation. The new release of Café includes greatly enhanced documentation and conformance improvements to match the W3C Recommendation.

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