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In-Depth References
   VoiceXML Programmer's Guide - The definitive reference for VoiceXML behaviour and syntax.
   Grammar Reference - How VoiceXML understands speech, describing GSL and XML Grammar formats.
   Getting Started with Café - A quick guide through the Café VoiceXML development process using each Café tool.
   VoiceXML Tutorial - A tour of VoiceXML starting with the basics and on through writing powerful Voice applications.
   Using the Nuance Café Tools - A brief introduction to some of the tools available for developing your VoiceXML applications on BeVocal Café.
   VoiceXML Samples - Sample code using many VoiceXML features and special BeVocal extensions.
   FAQ - Answers to your frequently asked questions.
Quick References
   VoiceXML Tag Summary - BeVocal VoiceXML tags, including BeVocal extensions and tags new to VoiceXML 2.0, and links to descriptions of each tag.
   Javascript Quick Reference - JavaScript statements, operators, and built-in objects supported by BeVocal VoiceXML.
   BeVocal Extension Summary - BeVocal extensions, including tags, attributes, properties, and JavaScript, with links to descriptions of each extension.
   BeVocal Platform Service Quick Reference - Provides summary information on the methods of the Platform Services.
   BeVocal Spanish Language Support Summary - Provides summary information on BeVocal's support for the Spanish language.
   BeVocal Voice Over IP (VoIP) Support Quick Reference - Provides information about BeVocal's VoIP support.
Advanced Topics
   VoiceXML Performance Guide - Designing for VoiceXML performance.
   Speaker Verification - BeVocal VoiceXML extension for registering voice prints and authenticating users.
   VoiceXML Porting Guide - Porting applications to VoiceXML 2.0 and Café from other platforms.
   Fetching and Caching Resources - Concepts related to retieval and caching of your application's resources.
BeVocal Platform Services
   Using the BeVocal Platform Services - Describes general information relevant to using any of the BeVocal Platform Services.
   Outbound Notification Service - Enables creation of VoiceXML applications that initiate phone calls.
   Call Detail Record Access Service - Provides secure access to Call Detail Records (CDRs) of calls to an application.
   Log Access Service - Provides secure access to the BeVocal logs of selected calls.
   Speech Vendor Log Access Service - Provides secure access to the speech vendor logs for selected calls.
   Media Access Service - Provides secure access to the prompts and user utterances associated with an application.
   Location Information Service - Provides city/state or ZIP code information for a given phone number.
   Grammar Compilation Service - Precompile large or complex GSL and XML grammars.
   Enrolled Grammar Removal Service - Remove enrolled phrases from a voice enrollment grammar.
Tracking Changes
   BeVocal VoiceXML 2.1 Compatibility Summary - What's new in VoiceXML 2.1 and BeVocal's compatibility with the new specification.
   Introducing VoiceXML 2.0 on the BeVocal Platform - What's new in VoiceXML 2.0 and BeVocal's extensions, and how they compare to earlier versions.
   Release Notes - Changes to BeVocal VoiceXML since the previous release (and a history of such changes).
Related W3C Specifications
   Voice Extensible Markup Language Specification (VoiceXML) version 2.0
   Speech Recognition Grammar Specification (SRGS) version 1.0
   Speech Synthesis Markup Language Spefication (SSML) version 1.0

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